Sample Chapter

Knowledge for You

“The first step to knowledge is to know that we are ignorant.” – Lord David Cecil

Who hasn’t heard the stories of great Metaphysical Masters who are able to do astonishing things that appear to be impossible to the rest of us? They are reportedly able to:

  • Heal people instantly and inexplicably.
  • Anticipate or manipulate the future.
  • Alter the physical world around them at will.
  • Levitate, disappear, and then reappear.
  • Access a reservoir of knowledge instantly, without education or study.

buddhawallTo the rest of us, when we see or hear of these Metaphysical Masters performing extraordinary feats, seemingly at will, we could call them “supernatural.”  With the multitude of reports recording the awe-inspiring actions of Sages and their disciples over thousands of years, a rational person would conclude that there must be some truth behind these documented occurrences. There are detailed discussions of these phenomena in later chapters, but have you ever wondered if these ostensibly impossible marvels could be possible?

Once you wonder if these things might be possible, the next question is, “How are these Metaphysical Masters able to perform such incredible and marvelous skills?” Once you understand how these things are possible, would you like to accomplish similar life-changing feats yourself?

Previously, these Metaphysical Masters, who have often spent decades in meditation or other spiritual practices, were among the select few to be documented as having achieved these almost impossible accomplishments. While many of us would like to accomplish miraculous feats, very few of us have the time or inclination to put forth this much effort, even for a few hours, much less decades. In the end, we may fail to produce any extraordinary feats whatsoever. After all, not every person who studies a spiritual path reaches the abilities of a Master.

Conceivably, you have heard the following legendary story of how a student is left to uncover spiritual truths by trial and error:

meditation10A student went to see his spiritual teacher and said, “My meditation is terrible! I feel so inattentive most of the time, my feet hurt, or I fall asleep. It’s horrible.” Without emotion his teacher said, “It will pass.” A few days later, the apprentice returned to his teacher and reported, “My contemplation is perfect! I feel alive, serene, and connected!” The teacher replied matter-of-factly, “It will pass.”

It becomes even more problematic to realize, when you’re in the middle of these studies, that there is no concerted effort to reach the goals of manifesting paranormal abilities. The stated goals of most spiritual practices are not to be able to perform supernatural activities at all. The only declared goal is the attainment of some elusive “enlightenment” or a nebulous expanded state-of-consciousness. No wonder these spiritual practices don’t have massive numbers of followers.

What if you understand that these otherworldly phenomena are really just perfectly logical adaptations of our newly revealed scientific discoveries? Is it possible to learn the sciences behind these seemingly impossible wonders, and then easily put them into practice? This is what the principles of Sacred Quantum Metaphysics will show you. The process can be fun, and the results astounding.

What would you like to accomplish if you could control powers that only Ascended Masters previously harnessed? Would you…

  • Imagine a world where people are intrinsically valued and empowered, and thus do not become addicted to drugs and alcohol?
  • Create a world where people do not rob, rape, or murder each other?
  • Discover a way for mankind to manipulate gravitational forces to allow safe exploration of interstellar space?
  • Envision an honest government with ethical politicians who won’t deceive us, when when we all work together to create it?

Do not assume these things are impossible. Instead, continue to learn how our current understanding of science and the principles of ancient Metaphysics perfectly mesh together to provide the tools necessary to make achievements like this very feasible. Really, the only danger is not thinking big enough.

Since something like this is actually possible, why hasn’t it become common knowledge for all of humanity before now? The short answer is that humankind was not ready to hear it until now. Another reason is our science has finally evolved to the point where we can comprehend the principles behind the feats we used to label as “magic” or “miracles.” Once you understand the basic ideas of Metaphysics and the new scientific advances, all of you can easily put them together, accomplishing what was previously considered a “magical” transforming of our universe.

Society is just emerging from a period of 400 years of cultural and scientific blindness. We now know much of what we thought was true about our world has been proven little more than wishful thinking. Daily, new scientific discoveries reveal truths previously deemed impossible.

Einstein-Quote-CroppedAlbert Einstein’s incredible revelations launched a shake-up in the world of science, physics, and our understanding of consciousness. Each newly revealed insight since then propels us towards a wider understanding of the true nature of our universe. Happily, you can understand these rich new insights without having to understand mathematics, formulas, or equations.

New scientific insights including Quantum Mechanics, String Theory, and Multidimensional Physics—explained in future chapters—revitalize the validity of metaphysics. I will explain the metaphysical and scientific relationships so anybody, regardless of level of education, will be able to understand the interconnections, and then put them to use in real-life practice. If you’re interested in other details of how this book is structured, please go to “Appendix D – What This Book Is And Is Not,” for more information.

I believe you are smart enough to Google something when you encounter a term here and there that you are unfamiliar with. This way we can dispense with glossaries, technical footnotes, citations, etc. This is not meant to be a scientific treatise. This is imparting wisdom so each reader will have the knowledge and skills to be a practiced Metaphysician.

Details of how to mesh together the Metaphysics with the new scientific discoveries are in the “Mysticism Explained – Applied Metaphysics” section of this book. You will then have facts explaining how these supernatural occurrences are possible. The step-by-step techniques, given later, will allow you to duplicate them—and eventually surpass these wonders. This book will provide you a very efficient shortcut to make delightful changes in your life and the world!

It is important for you to understand that there is not one idea presented here that you must believe in order to understand and accept the rest of the ideas. Remember, this is just information. What you do with it is up to you. In the end, if you still don’t want to agree with some of it, or any of it, it is your choice.

freeOne of the basic principles of the Spiritual Universe is you have the total right to have your own thoughts and beliefs. You are encouraged to make your own decisions based on what is right for you. Nothing will or should be forced upon you, because this is inconsistent with Spiritual principles.

You also have the Free Will (future chapter) to take or leave any part of these techniques. Give the ideas presented in this book a fair chance, at least until you’ve had an opportunity to evaluate the related science and its connections with the Metaphysical.

There are three major categories of people who will benefit from the insights contained in this book:

  1. The first group is people who are already fascinated with metaphysical principles. You will find a captivating wealth of updated information. Not only will you understand the deeper connections between metaphysics and the new scientific discoveries, but you can also use all this knowledge to create a better life for yourself.
  2. The second category is people who are not sure what to believe. If this describes you, you will finally have all the information compiled in one place that will help you to decide for yourself what is true. You will be exposed, as impartially as possible, to an enthralling array of recent breakthroughs from modern science, plus major insights into 5,000 years of ancient wisdom. This will allow you to comprehend the full nature of this glorious universe much better than you could before.
  3. The last type is the cynics who earnestly wish that these connections between metaphysics and science were not true. Major recent discoveries from Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, String Theorists, Quantum researchers, Multidimensional physicists, Prof. Higgs, Dr. Michael Newton, etc., have all revealed fascinating insights into the true nature of the cosmos, which cannot be limited by classical physics. In order to prove that there is not a connection between science and metaphysics, these critics will have the daunting task of refuting these discoveries, but I suppose it is theoretically possible.

These detractors will need to keep an open mind. If they are to be successful in poking holes in our new understanding of the vastly expanded universe, they must comprehend the complete overall interrelationships between ancient wisdom and today’s scientific discoveries. If they cannot find fault with these modern insights, they will need to reevaluate their basic assumptions, which is not easy for humans to do. The good news is that everyone will begin to understand the real nature of the universe, rather than relying on the outdated theories of the last four centuries.

Once you have the knowledge of how Sacred Quantum Metaphysics works, and what techniques you can use to actually affect the changes, you can then decide when you want to make them a reality. If this process intrigues you, you should at least practice the principles to create some changes you want to see in your personal life, and then you can verify how effectively they work.