Books & Resources

A rich spiritual life always includes a complete toolbox of resources, including this and other books. This is the place to go to advance your spiritual journey – and many of them are free! The important part is that all of you have the tools needed to put the Sacred Quantum Metaphysical principles into practice.

The free Video: “Awaken the Enlightened Master Inside You” meditation will help open up your awesome metaphysical gifts. These are the same gifts previous Sages and Metaphysical Masters have achieved in the past (extensively detailed in the book). If they were able to accomplish these seemingly miraculous feats, you can also achieve them – now that you can understand the science behind their successes!

Sometimes the best resource is to see a live presentation and hear thoughtful questions and answers about the books. If you would like to schedule the Author to speak to your civic, scientific, metaphysical, church, school, or social group, you may send an inquiry here.

How to own Sacred Quantum Metaphysics:

To own some Sacred Quantum Metaphysics books, it is very easy, just click below.

We never want lack of money to keep people from being able to create a better life for themselves and their loved ones, so please take the time to contact your local library and ask them to secure a few books for everyone. It may take several requests for them to determine there is enough interest, but if you, your family, and friends coordinate your efforts, they will certainly do that for you.

If there is anything that you need that is not available here, please let us know via the Keep in Touch below: