Why Do People Reject the Very Idea of Spirituality?

Would yTeslaou like to understand why some people completely shut their mind to Metaphysics? In a previous article, I explained how Science proved that our consciousness continues to exist after our brain and body dies, but people absolutely avoid even looking at the evidence. Why?

Sometimes it stems from the psychological principle of “denial.” Some people, especially those who were indoctrinated in the obsolete 17th-century Materialism, desperately want to believe that nothing exists but neurons, chemicals, and molecules in the brain. This is in spite of the fact that 12 recent scientific discoveries prove Materialism is absolutely false. For example, Science tells us that our three-dimensional world is only 4% of the known universe, while the important 96% is the “unseen” metaphysical. If people ignore the spiritual/metaphysical, they are also ignoring modern scientific advances from Einstein, Planck, Heisenberg, etc.

Others who refuse to consider metaphysics are often confusing “spiritual” with “religious.” They fear that if they ponder the spiritual, they will eventually believe some onerous religious concepts – which they abhor. For example, the idea of eternal damnation is very hard for some people to reconcile with a purported loving spirituality. People who report “Near Death Experiences” (NDEs), for example, almost universally report an all-encompassing realm of Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness – not one of eternal punishment. Even though there is very little evidence for eternal judgement, the very idea is enough for people to close their minds to the possibility that their consciousness will survive the death of the brain – even though science has proven the fact in many ways.

Where did this idea of unending horror come from? It is not in the Bible, but originated largely from a 14th century novel written by Dante. It was a complete work of fiction from Dante’s imagination, but the churches soon realized it was a valuable tool when terrified people started filling the pews after reading his novel. Still today, some theologians use these images to instill fear and obedience in congregations, even though these details were never in the Bible.

For the rest of this article, I am going to continue to explain the details of what has been reported about the Spiritual Realm in recent scientific and metaphysical literature. If any of these descriptions contradict your religious beliefs, simply ignore them. I have no interest in convincing you that your beliefs are mistaken. Under the Metaphysical Principle of “Free Will” nothing is ever forced upon you.

The evidence shows the closest thing to a “Hellish” experience comes from a small portion of NDE reports, usually from people who expect to see Hell. These accounts conflict with the vast majority of very consistent Near-Death Experiences that report an overwhelming feeling of Love. Most Metaphysicians believe these exceptions are the result of spirits who voluntarily separate themselves away from this Love.

Think about it. Would a psychopath who enjoys being cruel, hateful and selfish, be comfortable in a place surrounded by Love, Compassion and Forgiveness? If they are uncomfortable in this Love filled place (sometimes called Heaven), they would find a place where they are more at home. It just happens to be among others who similarly do not want to be surrounded by Love. This means they willingly congregate with other sociopaths, criminals, deviants, etc., who also enjoy inflicting pain on others. To the psychopath this is “Heaven,” to the rest of us it is “Hell.”

For a normal, loving spirit, it is impossible to comprehend why someone would choose this horrible existence, so they assume it must be some kind of “punishment.” Metaphysically, we know it cannot be a forced punishment, because that would violate the Spiritual Principle of Free Will – where everything is chosen freely. The good news is that as soon as these spirits allow themselves to be open to Love, they are instantly accepted back into the loving community.

Part of the resistance to spirituality is the idea of “sin,” which has changed considerably over the millennia. Initially it was an archery term that meant “missed the mark.” In other words, you missed the bull’s-eye and you need to do better next time. In the Jewish tradition, a sin merely meant you needed to sacrifice an animal at the Temple to be forgiven. Over time, it evolved into the concept where a “sin” became an unforgivable mistake. Why a sin didn’t remain the same as when Jesus was alive is puzzling.

The idea that some sins were “Deadly” is also not in Scriptures, but was created by Pope Gregory in 590 AD. It actually originated from a list of “7 pitfalls” for monks and nuns living in a monastery or convent. If a monk had taken vows of poverty and chastity, of course it would be against the rules to be lustful and greedy. The others are easily understood also. Pride would prevent submission to the monastic authorities; Gluttony would consume more food than necessary; Laziness would put more work on others; Anger and Envy would cause discord in a cloistered community. Again, this is not part of the Christian Bible, but some religious leaders treat it as if it were official dogma.

If we ignore 96% of the universe (the Spiritual/Metaphysical), how can we possibly understand the true nature of reality? Many more insights can be obtained at www.SacredQuantumMetaphysics.com. Hopefully when people understand the evolution of these principles, they can open their minds to the essence of Spirituality, and then think it through without shutting down their minds completely!

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